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Here’s What It Costs

The Cost of Working with the CAP in CAPitalize

There is no cost for an initial meeting or to go over a plan.

We built our business off of trust earned. If we do so, we earn your business. If not, we will be ready when you are. The costs of doing business are:

Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Fees can can be paid twice a year, quarterly, or monthly. Most clients pay monthly.

Financial Planning for Business Owners and CAPitalizing Their Company Retirement Plan

For business owners where we also coordinate their retirement plans.



We can get paid two ways:

  1. Recurring Costs, or what is known as fee-only (generally 1.5% – 1.85%)
  2. Commission

When we sit down to go over how to CAPitalize Your Finances, we will go over specific costs, as well as why it will benefit you to charge how we charge.



Generally, insurance products charge a commission for their services, although occasionally, they charge a recurring cost. Either way, we sit down and go over the costs with you so you know what you’re paying.