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CAPitalizing Your Company Retirement Plan

Here's how the process starts

Our process starts with a discussion of partnering with a third-party administrator (if needed) to setup the bones of your retirement plan. Once that’s in place, you can expect the following process: 

Initial Meeting

We meet with you and your third-party administrator, if necessary, to discuss how we can help you CAPitalize Your Retirement Plan. We discuss goals, needs, custodian, etc. Once we finalize this step, we’ll set up a time to sign paperwork.


We’ll complete third-party administrator, custodian, and advisor paperwork as well as schedule an initial employee meeting.


Once we’re up and running, we’ll service your retirement plan accordingly.

  1. Employee Meeting: We go over what your employees need to know about their retirement plan, such as how much to contribute, how to contribute (before and after tax), the investments, and beneficiary forms
  2. Personal Meetings: Follow up with opportunities to meet one-on-one
  3. Annual Trustee Meeting: Trustees, TPA, advisor and occasionally the custodian to review key metrics of the plan including participation, costs, upcoming updates, and any big picture questions trustees have

Facts About The Retirement Plans We Serve

We Typically Serve

Car Dealerships

CPA Practices

Medical Offices